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Stumbled on to this McQueen cardholder the other day, it’s tiny but so kick ass!!

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Have been MIA these past few weeks, first to find my new home in NYC over the course of 4 days, (I do not recommend this!), and then to vacation. The boy and I finally found our new place in Park Slope in Brooklyn. The apartment is TINY but the location is incredible. Walking distance to shops and restaurants, and we have a rooftop! While I was there, I made sure to go to the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty exhibit – It was everything and more that I imagined. He was so incredibly creative and talented, it makes it that much more sad that the world lost him.

After our apartment search marathon, we flew out to Europe. We started in Madrid, went on to Barcelona, Paris, Rome and Ibiza, and loved every minute of it. Here are some pictures from our trip:


Welcome to leopard & sequins! My platform for expressing the love and appreciation I have for all things fashion, art and decor.

I’m a native Angeleno who’s lived in California for my entire 20 something years of life. In the coming months, I’ll be moving to New York City to begin my MBA journey at NYU. I’m nervous, but equally excited, to make new friends and take in all the beauty that New York has to offer. To start, I absolute can’t wait to visit the Savage Beauty Exhibition at The Met this July.

Beautiful and fascinating. *sigh*